More Lessons From A Spider

This morning I woke up, put the coffee on, brushed my teeth, did my inspirational thought for the day and then went out to sit on my backyard deck to think about the day that had just passed and the day ahead. As I was walking out to my spot... I walked through a spider web and did the very unattractive web dance. I am not a big fan of spiders and do not like the thought that one could be crawling on me.

Anyway, after I did the dance I got to thinking, this is not the first web I have walked through and it seems almost every time I do, the next day a web is up again in the same place... sometimes the web is up again within hours. This happens to me a lot in the spring and summer and I know that I am not the only one. I would bet thousand of spider webs are destroyed everyday by people walking through them and the spiders just shake it off and start to rebuild. In fact every Saturday morning my wife goes out to the deck with broom in hand and knocks down all the webs she can find. For me the spiders provide a lesson in commitment. These spiders is committed to the project.

Imagine if we were as committed to the projects we take on everyday. Sometimes the project and goals we have seem to get destroyed by some unknown source... like a big broom just sweeping it away. A broom destroying everything we took the time and effort to build. And often we just accept that as the way it is and move on, leaving the dream behind instead of working to rebuild. To be committed to the project you must be ready to rebuild no matter what. Take the lessons you learn from the previous attempt and start fresh. I am guessing that sometimes the spiders (although I do not believe they are very smart) do move on and look for a new, better, safer place to rebuild but they do rebuild. A place that will not be as easily destroyed and they can build it bigger and better than ever. Sometimes we have to do that too. If the project or dream we are working towards is getting knocked down consistently there may be a lesson in that, it may be time to look at the area we are working in and see if there is a better option.

Staying committed to building your dream, rebuilding as often as needed and staying aware of the signs that maybe the Universe is telling to look for a better, bigger safer place to achieve your goal for the long term. If you getting knocked down get back up, analyze if there is a better place to start building your dream... and start building again.

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