What If It Does?

Another great long weekend.... Canada's 146 birthday and I know it will be a great celebration with live bands at the beach and fireworks. There is still lots of weekend left (as I am writing this at 7am on Monday).

But eventually my thoughts must turn back to my work world. I apply much of what I have learned about the Law of Attraction and other Universal Laws to my life and to my work life. As a marketing executive I help business owners and leaders with their marketing. Often the question comes up ... "What if it doesn't work?" This question surprises me every time because it comes from such a negative thought pattern.

Can you imagine if we thought this about everything in life. You go to the furniture store to buy a nice comfy chair to sit in and ask the salesperson... What if it doesn't work? You go buy a toothbrush and ask the cashier ... What if it doesn't work? Y0u go to buy a guitar from the local musical instrument retailer and ask... What if doesn't work? It's not a matter of whether it works... it really is a matter of whether you work it. The toothbrush won`t work if you don`t... the guitar won`t play itself and the comfy chair, won`t be comfy if you don`t sit in it.

There are people that approach life this way... Can you imagine going up to a person you are very attracted to and interested in and the first thing you ask them is... what it this doesn`t work? What kind of thought is going into that relationship before it even begins.

As we know with the Law of Attraction,what we think about we attract. If you think about it not working, that is what you will attract. I suggest turning that around, with all things in life.. ask... What if it does work? What if everything goes perfectly... what if you get everything you want. Once you start thinking about everything actually working out the way you want it, the wheels are in motion... the Universe starts to unfold and orchestrate events and people and circumstances to make it work.

What if it does work?

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