Life Is Like A Newscast

I invested twelve years of my working life in newsrooms across the province. I have covered stories for floods and fires, to fatal car crashes, drive by shootings and the sale of a nudist resort in the interior of the province. Two things I have learned about news and life:

1. The news will rarely if ever report how many planes land safely or how many Canadian tourists visit Mexico and come back healthy.

2. You can always count on another news story to come along that will capture peoples attention.

How this applies to life and the Law of Attraction, in my opinion, is just like in all the newsrooms I have worked in, another story is about to break. If it's not OJ or Clinton... it's the flooding Calgary or the Fires in Colorado. There is never a void in life. That applies to our lives too. There is never in void in the things that we want, the goals that we want, the experiences we want to have. Once we have achieved a goal or dream, we seem to automatically start thinking about the next great adventure. The biggest difference is that where Newsrooms concentrate most of their efforts on the negative stuff in the world... our goals and dreams are usually positive.

Trying to do everything on your "Bucket list" would be like trying to see every website that has been launched. The best I can figure from a quick search of the internet is as many 7 million new domains are launched everyday... (I found this info on the internet so take it for what it is worth). What I am trying to say is there is so much for us to do and always new fun exciting adventures being discovered. There will always be another fascinating story to tell. So go out and find it, like a reporter in the local newsroom, once you have completed one story start digging into the details of the next. And always end on a positive note.

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