Why = Passion

I have written previously about the W5 of success. One of the most important factor in achieving success, I think, is WHY...

As a Law of Attraction facilitator and a life coach I talk with a lot of people about their goals and dreams. As a life coach I share tips and techniques that help people achieve more of what they want and less of what they don't. Many people I coach have trouble even trying to determine what it is they want. But they are more clear on what they don't want. Once you figure out what it is you want, the next most important thing is why do you want it.

I find that when someone finally figures out what they want and then starts to figure out the why, 2 things happen. Either they figure out that the reason the want it is silly or wrong, or they are more motivated than ever to go after it. Many people want things just to keep up with the Jones's or just to say they have it. Once the "why" is figured out and it is a good reason the passion ignites. Why you want something, if it is for a good, positive, life changing reason... the momentum starts to build, the passion inside you starts to build and there is very little, if anything, that can stop you.

The "Why" creates the passion! If you want a better job to be able to supply a better life for your children or family... there is a passion behind that. If you want a certain experience so you can share your lessons with other and make the world a little bit better, there is passion behind that. If you want to write a blog to share some of your experiences and knowledge with others and inspire others to do and be better, there is passion behind that.

Find out what it is you want, then truly search for why you want it, once you find the why... you will find your passion. If the ``why" does not ignite your passion, then you may want to think about if you really want it.

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