Sink or Swim

I had an amazing experience yesterday, that again taught me something very valuable. Over this week I have sat in on several marketing presentation sponsored by the radio stations I work with. The company brought in an expert from Ontario to share new ideas in marketing to local business. I have seen "the show" about a dozen times. As I sat in each session I thought to myself, what a great gig he has, travelling around meeting great people and helping thousands of people get clarity on marketing today. I thought I could do this and have a blast. The very last session of the day was a surprise as about 3/4 of the way through his presentation he turned it over to me to finish.. I had no advance warning he just handed me the slide remote and said Kenn please take over.

As a Law of attraction facilitator and life coach I have spent considerable time in front of crowds making presentation, but those were my presentations, my content, my tips and tricks. As a Law of attraction facilitator and life coach I know that opportunities are thrown at us all the time. This one I was totally unprepared for. But I had to make a quick decision and I just jumped up and went for it. From that point, I had 1 of 2 options... sink or swim. There was no turning back.. I was not so nervous about being I front of the group... that part I love. I was more concerned with whether or not I knew his content well enough to convey the right message. These were his slide, this was his show, I had not done his material and now it is mine.

Every time I clicked the remote to see what the next slide was (because I had no idea what order they were in) I would remember a little nugget of information that he had shared with the previous groups we had presented to. Sink or swim! I made it through the presentation and everything turned out fine I guess.

Here's the lesson for me, it can happen anytime, anywhere, for any reason... your opportunities are always coming at you and you need to just jump in and go for it. There is no way to know if it feels good and is right, by sitting in the audience and just watching others steal the show.

Was I nervous? yes! Did it matter? no! Afterwards the presenter came up to my and thanked me and said... "It's ok to get butterflies in your stomach... just try to get them to fly in formation." YEP!

So I encourage you, when someone asks you to take over, try this, do this, and you have never done it before... go for it! It will likely turn out better than you can imagine and you will learn something about yourself. You will learn whether you can swim.

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