So What?

There are times when the Universe offers you things and all you can say is... So what? Some times that is good other times not so much.

You see, the truth is you are always being offered things by the Universe. The Law of Attraction makes sure that whatever you are giving your attention energy and focus to, manifests in your life, but it is not always immediate. There may be things you have given attention, energy and focus to 3 years ago and are just now appearing but the relevance of that particular item or experience has faded. As a Life coach I know there are many questions my clients pose to the Universe (all your questions are posed to the universe) and the answer may not be what is expected or may come later than you expected so it is not recognized.

When offers come into your life, like an amazing deal on a vacation or a sofa or a new job and you are not interested or are no longer in the market for those things you barely even notice them. We hear offers all day about furniture sales and electronics sales at local merchant but may not be in the market. When I am in the market... it's like they are talking directly to me. We see job posting for amazing jobs everyday but are not in the market. Or are we? When these things seem to shout louder, appear more often, seem too good to pass up... it may be that the Universe is trying to tell you something and answer your questions.

I bring this up because sometimes these things appear in our lives and we really need to be more aware. Sometimes these things appear in our lives when the Universe feels they are right. We may have been asking for a solution to a particular problem and not recognize the solution when it appears. We all have situations that come up in life that need solving, that is how we grow and learn and then pass on what we have learned to others. Two weeks ago you may have thought about needing a new "whatever" or you may have asked what you can do to increase customers to your business. Then your friend calls you up and say they are throwing away a "Whatever" but wants to know if you could use it and you say no thanks. Or someone comes to you with a way to get more customers and you decide to go it alone.

The fact is... whatever is appearing in your life, Shouting at you, coming at you repeatedly, appears to have bolder print in the paper... whatever you are noticing, that you never really noticed before... is likely the Universe trying to answer your questions.

So what? So... time to act on it.

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