Reward Yourself

Wow what a weekend! Who doesn't love a nice long weekend. So many options, seems like that extra day gives you so much more time to get stuff done or simply upwind from a busy work life. It's just one extra day but it means a lot.

This week was a chance to for me and my wife to get caught up on a lot of stuff around the house. Cleaning out closets, bring out seasonal clothing, putting away last seasons clothing, dusting, mowing, planting herbs, trimming trees... the list seems endless. We attacked the list with vigor and by Saturday afternoon we had accomplished a lot. By Sunday afternoon we had accomplished even more, we were well through the list of spring cleanup items. That's when my wife turned to me a said... I have barely got anything done this weekend. I couldn't believe it! I thought we had accomplished so much. The list was a fraction of what it was on Friday, I didn't know what to say. It's seems what she was referring to was all the regular things she would do on a typical weekend.

You see, in addition to all the things we wanted to get done for spring cleanup, there is also all the vacuuming, dishes, and other household chores and personal grooming that comes with day to day life and was put on the back burner while the spring clean up was underway. But just because we had left those daily chores temporarily unattended does not mean nothing is being accomplished.

I think many people forget to recognize their accomplishments when they do extra. I think it's important to celebrate everything you do life.. and feel that sense of accomplishment, no matter how small or large the task you completed is. No matter what else needs to be completed, it's important to recognized everything you have already done. Look at your list and reward yourself for each task... There will always be more to do, you can always add more to your list and feel as though it is endless, so look at what you have done... the successes you have already had. That will help you realize what you are capable of and how easy the rest or your list will be.

It is important to see what still has to be done. But rather than question yourself and what you have accomplished... take time to enjoy what you have finished already,reward yourself along the way for all that you have done. You deserve it.

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