Repel Or Attract?

So it has recently come to me that many who follow my blog or any site that promotes the amazing power of the Law of Attraction... that some only get half the message. It came to me as an email, a simple question about repelling and attracting. And I was recently reminded of it as I put on a particular piece of jewelery. I have a necklace with a good size chunk of Black Onyx. From the research I have done, Black Onyx is said to repel negative energy, among other things. Whenever I have worn it I can honestly say nothing bad or negative has ever happened to me.

Now many could say that is because I am a very positive person and am very aware of the vibration I am sending out at any given time. As we know, like attracts like, so if I stay in a positive vibration I attract positive. That I know is true. But just because I attract positive, does that mean I repel negative. It's all well and good that I attract positive but without a strategy or plan or something to repel negative can expect that to happen. Does attracting positive ensure I repel negative. Not necessarily.

You see there are two sides to everything... you can't have a front without a back... top without a bottom... left without a right... positive without negative. It's the Universal Law of Balance. So as I count on my Black Onyx to help repel negative that is not much good if I don't also attract positive and always staying positive will not necessarily repel negative it will only work to attract positive. If you are only working on attracting positive an doing nothing to repel negative you are again only working with half the power.

So which is more important? Neither they are equally important. So what are you doing to Repel and Attract. If you need help with that contact me I will be happy to coach you through a few simple easy things you can do to reach the ideal.... life, job, relationship...whatever.

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