Trim Back To Blossom

This week I had a company come in to do some work on my yard. As it is spring it is time to start getting the yard healthy and looking great. Of particular concern was a wisteria that grows in my yard. It is a fast growing plant that climbs up a pergola on the back deck. When we first moved into the home it would blossom with purple flowers kind of like a grape cluster. Well for the past few years there has been lots of foliage but no flower blossoms. The crew that came to trim up the trees and bushes in my yard gave me some great advice.

If you want the plant to blossom you have to trim it back and slow down or stop it from spreading. I think that applies to people too. You see the more energy you put growing in every direction the less energy you have to put into blossoming. What I mean by that is , sometimes you have to focus your energy on growth in the right area. Spreading yourself too thin or trying to cover too much ground means some other area of you life will likely suffer.

As with the wisteria too much energy on growth make the blossoms suffer. Too much time at work and your home life suffers, too much time at home and your work suffers. Too much focus on continued growth and you may not blossom. I have said it before... you can read as many self help books as you want but eventually you have to put the books down and start applying what you have learned. Learning is great and helps you grow...but applying what you have learned helps you blossom.

So with Spring here, it may be time for a change , a new look at where you're expending your energy. Are you just going to continue to grow or and you going to show the world how beautiful you really are and start to blossom.

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