What would You Do?

What would you do if you controlled everything that exists in the world as we know it today? What would you do if you could make anything happen, grant any wish, solve any problem for whoever asked? Would there be any task too small any request too big, any person you wouldn't help to make a better life and a better person? If you could do anything what would it be?

All of these questions started entering my head recently over one really minor event. You see for 10 years living in my home in downtown Kelowna I never saw one squirrel ( I told you it was a minor event). Then, two years ago squirrels started showing up in the neighborhood and hopping around my large willow tree. They are cute and interesting to watch for about an hour but I know they can become a nuisance. I have heard they can get into your attic and chew up wires in your home and cause a bit of trouble if they are allowed to. I have thought about different ways to get rid of them from my yard. I could use a pellet gun, but if a miss or just injure one that would be cruel. I could trap them and move them, but they will probably come back or others will move in. I didn't want to poison or kill them...I really didn't have a solution.

So I put it out there, I need a solution to my squirrel problem. I have been thinking about it off and on again for two years. I have not given it a whole lot of my time or energy but when I see a squirrel I think about how to get rid of them. Then... as always seems to happen... the Universe takes care of things. I now have a couple of hawks that have taken up residency in my large willow tree. Two of them, They are there every day, flying in and out and truly fascinating to watch. They are not very big, but they seem to be the solution to my problem. Since the birds have shown up I have not seen one squirrel. The problem seems to be solved, at least for now.

Now I know that my squirrel problem is relatively small compared to some other problems in the world, but all I did was put it out there for a solution to come to me. I believe the answer always comes if you ask the right question. I believe they come from a Universal intelligence and energy that has the power to control everything, make anything happen and grant any wish... no matter how small or big. (To be clear, I am not talking about a religion or a "God", just energy and intelligence) I believe I can tap into that intelligence and energy whenever I want and things will begin to unfold and orchestrate to move me towards my goals. I believe we all have that ability. So I ask you... what would you do?

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