It's Back

I have written before about a place in my yard that I can go in the morning and spend a few minutes reflecting on the events and lessons of my life and then write about those here in my blog. The spot is quiet and has a great view. It is also weather permitting and we have had a long cold wet winter in Kelowna, but it's back. With 30+ degree temperatures in the area this week I have had a chance to sit and think about all things.

I encourage to find a spot that is quiet and inspires thought. It doesn't have to be fancy or have a great view, it just has to be good for you. When I sit in my spot I have no agenda, I have no idea what will come to me, I just sit and look at the view. ( The view for me is a 40 foot willow tree that you might say dances in the breeze.) I open up my thoughts and let anything and everything in. It is relaxing and inspiring. Find yourself a place, anywhere, where you can get a few minutes or more to just sit. I think some people call this meditation, but I have never thought it so... I call my time. I suppose it is a form of meditation but it is well worth. I have no time limit, minimum or maximum, I just sit until I feel clear and want to get up.

Just try it, try to let the universe clear your head or fill it up, it will know what do send your way. (The picture is of the tree....)

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