The Religious Fanatic On The Bus

So there are some people in my life that are not really all that positive. I have people at work and in my social world that it seems would rather talk about a whole bunch of negative things that are going than talk about anything positive. I know I am responsible for somehow attracting them into my life but I have been allowing them affect my world.

You see I have been listening to them, hearing all their complaints and about all the things they don't like about their situation and I have been buying into their conversation. Something I tell people never to do. I am faced with these people everyday and so I have been inundated with negative vibes. I am a very positive person and I know how to treat these people so they do not affect my life but I have backed off protecting my own vibe. It has just seemed easier to be part of the pity party than to change all of these minds. I do not participate very often but I have and that has been wrong. I let my guard down. BUT NO MORE!!!

As an Inspirational speaker and life coach you want to share with everyone what you know, how to be positive, how to get the most out of life... how to live the ideal life and eliminate negativity from life. But the thin line is not sounding like the religious fanatic who rides the bus and tells everyone that sits near them about the word of God. People tend to avoid that person even if they have some important things to pass on. Coaches need to be asked for help, it can't just be pushed on to people. People will come when they are ready. I am very careful not to push what I know onto others, but in doing so I have failed to protect my own vibe.

I can promise you that those days are over... the negative people in my life will start to dissipate, and that's okay because we are not on the same vibrational plane. I will start to attract to more and more positive people in my life or at the very least change some of the negative vibes that exist right now. No more pity party even if I do cross the thin line. As a friend of mine at work says "Positivity wins!"

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