Standards vs Goals

One of the many things I enjoy about a vacation is the time it affords me to read. I do find time to read when I am at home but when I am on vacation time finds me and that is awesome.

Before I traveled to Mexico last month one of my co-workers gave me a magazine that she thought I would be interested in. It's the Spring 2013 edition of Law of Attraction magazine. In it is an article titled "a 10 second shift" by Derek Mills. His article is about switching your thought process from setting goals to setting standards. I thought it was a great article in that it gets you think a little different.

For me the basic Idea is... if you switch from setting goals ( which you may or may not achieve for whatever reason) to setting standards you can control the standards you set. You can set the standard on how people treat you... you can set a standard on the lifestyle you want to live. Goals are things you work towards, and I still believe goals are an important part of life, but setting standards also makes sense. Standards are set by you and you live up to them, you don't work towards them you live them.

Set the standard on hours your will work and play, set the standard on how people and clients treat you, set the standard on your work environment, the jokes and humour you will tolerate and the conversations you will participate in.

For many this will be a new way of thinking but I think it will productive. So give it a try set a few standards today and few more tomorrow.... it will be a work in progress but well worth it.

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