Rules vs Laws

You can learn a lot in Mexico, mostly how to just slow down relax and let the world take care of itself, but other things as well. Today I wanted to share another interesting point that hit me one day while sitting on the apartment balcony in the North End of Isla Mujeres.

So often we believe that things that govern our lives are laws rather than just self imposed rules. Some rules are imposed on us by society or others and we categorize them as Laws. Most of them are good for us but we must remember they are just rules and not laws. The difference being than Laws cannot be broken (at least not Universal Laws) ... rules on the other hand can be broken. As I said most of them are good for use... Buckle up it's the law... Don't drink and drive... I encourage you to obey these so called Laws... but if they were truly Laws you would not be able to break... for example.. the Universal Law of gravity, what goes up must come down... that one (over time) has always been proven to be true, you cannot break it. Every Plane must land... even tree will eventually fall.

I just thought about it while on vacation and watching how people on the Island obey certain rules.. even stop signs. As I sat on my balcony and watched the drivers at the intersection I overlooked I realized that even stop (or Alto) signs are just rules. It's a good idea to obey them but truthfully it's just a rule imposed on us. So what other rules in your life would be better thought of as suggestions rather then steadfast, unbreakable LAWS. And if you broke a few or even just bent them a little would you accomplish more... have more success?

Just a thought!

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