Work Around It

Week 10 at 6 days a week.... that has been my work out routine this year. Today marks the beginning of week 10 of my 12 week program and I have not missed a single work out. It's not always easy but "Lucky" for me I have not been injured in my routine, pulled or strained a muscle or worse. I have however seen and also heard about other people at the gym who have not been so lucky. Interestingly the two most recent cases have been lower body injuries. They do however still hit the gym.

This is something I learned a long time ago, just because you have a strained muscle or ligament in one part of your body does not mean that you cannot train the other parts of your body. You can work around it. Just because, for the time being, you cannot work on that particular body part does not mean the rest has to suffer and atrophy. The same is true in all area of life. We have to work around our injuries or weaknesses to build up the other areas of our lives so as to not go backwards.

Look, we all have weaknesses, in my professional life one of my weaknesses is paper work, I have a real hard time sitting at a desk filling out forms, whether they are order forms, databases or whatever... I would much rather be out and about taking action than writing about or logging the action I have taken. And while it is important for me to identify and work on my weak areas I cannot stop working on the areas I am strong just because I am weak in another area. I cannot say " Oh well that area is weak or injured so I might as well stop everything". You would be surprised how many people do. If something has knocked one area of your life off the rails you can still work in and on the other areas. Surprisingly you find when this happens... that the better other areas get from your attention to them the better all areas of your life will get.

So go ahead, no more excuses, if your shoulders are sore make it a leg day... if your knees hurt it's time for a chest workout. there is always something you can do.

(I realize I used the words "don't, not and no" a lot in this blog entry, but I used them deliberately to make a point, I really do try to eliminate them as much as possible)

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