Who Are You?

The other day I was visiting one of my clients and on this particular day I was wearing my Marketing Consultant hat. When I am not helping people in my Life Coaching business I help business owner and decision makers with their marketing and advertising. My client had a friend with her and she introduced as her "Radio Rep". I always thought of myself as more than a radio rep and this took me a bit by surprise so I started to wonder what am I to the rest of the world.

I am pretty clear on who I am in my own mind but I am obviously not so clear on who I am in the minds of those around me. To one person I might be just a "radio rep", to another I might be "the guy from radio station" or "Just another salesperson". To others I might be a "Life coach" and to some a "Life changer". I guess almost everyone I meet makes a decision in their own mind as to who I am. A friend, brother, husband, co-worker. And I guess they are all right.

As I said I am pretty clear on who I am and how I want to be perceived, but I obviously have some work to do on some of the relationships I have if I am not being thought of the way I want to be. I am more than a "Radio rep" so it's time to get to work on changing that clients perception. And now I have to start being more aware of how other people introduce me and see if it fits with my perception of who I am in the relationship.

So who are?

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