Sometimes You Just Have to Plug In

So about two/ two and a half weeks ago I was at the gym for my cardio day. I have found that using the elliptical seems to burn more calories than the treadmill (at least according to the readout on the machine) so I have switch to using it. The Gym I go to has an abundance of cardio machines, but like most people I have picked a favorite. "Mine" is the one closest to the window so I can see outside when I am not watching the attached TV. I am not the only one who has this as a favorite as many times I go someone else is on it.

Anyway this particular day I went to the machine and although the machine was working fine the TV was out of order. I checked the things I know and it seemed to be plugged in and everything other than the screen worked. I like the machine so I thought I would just listen to the music on my I phone instead of watch TV. Well the next time I went, same thing the TV didn't work so I moved to a different elliptical trainer which had a functioning TV.

For two weeks nothing has been done to fix the TV and I have not seen anyone on it. It has become the least used in the building. So I went to the staff and asked if there were plans to get it fixed or if they were even aware that it does not work. They were not informed about the malfunction but one of the staff checked it out with me to see if something could be done. As she stepped on the equipment to make sure there was truly a problem I doubled checked the plugs and it all looked good, still no TV. Then I looked a little closer... although the TV was plugged in it was not fully connected and so it didn't have the power to work.

Although it took two weeks to get to the bottom of it and no one else at the gym had gone far to try and resolve the issue, it reminded me of how simple the solution to a particular problem can be . Sometimes just a closer look can solve everything. Now if I can just get the other members to stay off "My" machine so it's available when I want it.

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