Time With A Mentor

So this past weekend I had an amazing opportunity to meet up with and talk with one of my mentors, Michael Losier. He is the author of the book "The law of attraction, the science of attracting more of what you want and less of what you don't". He lives In Victoria BC, but travels the world promoting the Law of Attraction and certifying facilitators and trainers, of which I am one. I chat with him on a fairly regular basis on social media but have not seen him in nearly 5 years. There is something to be said for getting to just "hang out" with a mentor.

Michael is an amazing speaker, with great energy and a great vibe. He did two presentations in Kelowna this weekend and I highly recommend you go see him if he is ever in your town. When Michael is on there really is no one better. But being able to just talk to Michael, with out all the people around and without having him having to be "the author and speaker" was great. We had a chance to talk a bit about the business side of what he does and share some ideas. Most of my previous chats have felt a bit like a mentor to student exchange which I am grateful for...but this weekend was different. He has had huge success with his career over the past 15 or so years and I took his training about 5 years ago. This visit with Michael was more of a peer to peer visit. He was, of course, very inspiring and supportive of my Law of Attraction facilitating and coaching work that I do in the Okanagan. I don't really know how to explain it but perhaps this will work...Micheal Losier just seemed more like "Mike". I am very grateful for that.

If you ever get a chance to spend time with one of your mentors or teachers, do it! You will learn something about them and about yourself. Thanks again Michael.

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