The Hand That Feeds

So the other day on one of my social media pages I was adding some information about radio advertising that I found interesting and I thought members of the group would too. I use radio marketing as one of the tools to help my business clients be successful so when I find interesting, third party, articles on marketing and particularly radio I like to share them. One of the members of the group got pretty excited about the article and started writing about what a waste of money radio is, how it has never helped her in her business over 30 years and so on.

I will always invite people to share their experience and insight and will never edit (unless it uses words that are not necessary or that are racist or otherwise generally offensive.) So anyway rather that engage her over the web I thought I could get more details about her negative experience and perhaps see if I could change how she felt about radio. She rejected my invitation to coffee. So I let it be.

Then I posted some more information about all advertising, including TV, Newspaper, radio etc. She again responded with a negative outburst about advertising and the waste of money it is. My concern started to grow that every time I was to add some information that I hoped would help business leaders in their decision process about the confusing world of advertising that I would be face with this negative barrage about this single group member's experience. So I sent another email trying to clarify if there was information I could share with her. When I informed where I work she told me that her husband is contracted as the Janitor for our office. I was speechless. Here is a person who will spare no opportunity to talk about her negative experience with radio advertising and encourage people not to "waste their money" and yet radio employs her husband and helps to put food on her table.

As I am a person who tries not to react but rather take time and then act, I have yet to chat with her again about why she bites the hand that feeds.

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