Always Trust Your Cape

I really like to discover new music and new songs. Often times the music I hear inspires me. Yesterday I was at the gym with my headphones on listening to Radio Margaritaville. This music almost always has a good message for me and always has a positive vibe. I heard a song I had never heard before, I think the title is :"Always trust your cape" buy Guy Clarke. It's a song about a young boy who climbs up on the garage wearing a cape and jumps off believing he is a super hero and can fly. I am sure all little boys at one time fantasized about being their favorite super hero. The message is obvious, always trust your cape to keep you safe. I, of course, found another message in the lyrics.

For me the lyrics also spoke of being prepared, following your dreams and knowing that everything you have done, up to now, has prepared you for whatever is coming. Every person you have met, every job you have ever had, every road you have traveled has taught you something, given you some nugget of information or a skill that will help you to be successful. In the song the young boy has everything he needs... he has a cape and he believes. When he jumps off the garage he may not fly for long but in his mind just before he hits the ground, he took flight. The song follows him through life and he continues to wear his cape and take a leap of faith throughout the song up until he reaches a ripe old age.

Here's the thing, we have to trust that what we have accomplished so far, the lessons we have learned will keep us safe, will guide us and help us. The life lessons and skills we have acquired are our own capes. When making the big choices in our lives, like we are going to jump off the garage in hopes in flying, we have trust our capes and believe.

Guy Clarke

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