Random Thoughts, Do they exist?

As I have mentioned before on my blog, the TV show TOUCH is one of my favorites. In it, it is suggested that everything we come across has a purpose or meaning. The show tends to concentrate on numbers, without getting into too much details every number in the show has significance to help solve a problem. It could be an address of a home that leads to answer, or a transit number of a bus that has a person on it that has information. The numbers pop up everywhere, from video game scores to the time. The actors on the show just have to be aware and react when they see the numbers.

Anyway the whole Idea is that there is nothing that is really random and everything means something. And that everything happens to someone at a specific time. It got me wondering if our thoughts are like that. Do our thoughts come to us when we need them, when we are ready for them. Are thoughts random or do we get the information we need or want when it is the right time. Are they random?

It seems to me that whenever I have a problem, a thought that helps me find a solution always comes to me. It may be a thought to talk to a stranger, or to thumb through a magazine that I have never looked at before on a store shelf. It may be to flip on the TV and flip through the guide until a show that sounds interesting pops up. It may be the thought to check my email and I have one from a stranger that leads to investigate further and eventually get the solution to my problem. Are those thoughts random or do they come to me when I need them to help me and all I have to do is recognize them and act on them. I certainly do believe that life is predetermined and all outcomes have already been put place and we are just following along as the pages of our life turn. I do question however where my thoughts come from and why I always seem to have the right thought at the right time, that if acted upon help me lead an ideal life. I, as I am sure you have, have found the to answer to every problem I have ever had through thought, and then acting on those thoughts.

Life is good.

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