Whatever You Want

One of my Favorite quotes of all time is a reminder that life is supposed to be ideal.

"Whatever you want, wants you"

This for me suggests that whether it is; a new friend, client, business partner, car, house, fit healthy body... if you want it, it wants you. It gives me the confidence to go after my dreams and goals because I know they are out there just waiting for me. I gives me the confidence to talk to people I see that I believe will be interesting and have something to share that will add to my life and I can add to theirs.

It is especially true in relationships with people. So many relationships start off this way. Two people who admire each other from distance but wait and wait to approach each other and start a conversation. Both are eager to get to know the other. Both want to meet the other person but hesitate for fear of failure or rejection when the whole time both were waiting for the other to make a move and rejection was never an option. It happens all the time and when one finally gets brave enough to step up and go for it, they find the other has wanted them for a long time.

I suggest that you take a minute and really understand the truth behind this quote... Whatever you want, wants you. It will eliminate any fear you have because you will be confident that the thing you want is just waiting for you to come forward.

So, what do you want?

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