The Drinkin' Bone

I was listening to radio the other day and it's funny how music can inspire. It can inspire people to act, sing, or sometimes just inspire a thought (and therefore a blog subject).

Tracy Bird has a country song from several years ago titled "The drink bone". The song is basically a spin off of the old educational song Dem bones. That song meant to help you remember the major bones in the body. You remember... the hip bone connected to the thigh bone etc.

So it got me think what if there were a "success bone" (that is how I think). What would it be connected to. I believe it would be connected to positive vibe bone which would be connected to the thinking bone. You see virtually all success was created through thought. Everything you see and everyone you see that is a success had a thought about what that looked like for them. That thought was followed by positive action towards the attainment of that success.

It's not rocket surgery. And I certainly did not come up with the formula for success. One positive thought of success (whatever that means for you) Connected to positive and continuous pursuit of that success will lead directly to it. It is all connected.

The thought bone is connected to the positive vibe bone which is connected to the success bone.

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