Lessons From A Lost Wallet

About two weeks ago I lost my wallet while at work on location at a local business in Kelowna. Now throughout my life I have done this 1 or two times. Losing everything that was in my wallet, all my ID and money and CC cards. Those other times I kinda freaked out hoping no one unscrupulous would find it and try to use my credit. It has been a long time since I lost my wallet and obviously I have grown since the last time. This time however I did not freak out, even though the risk to my finances and even my identity are threatened more now than ever.

I can't explain why I did get nervous, or go running all over looking for it, I think I just had faith that everything would be okay, everything would work out. I did of course call the CC companies and let them know that the cards had been misplaced. They have since sent replacements. I did not go get a new Drivers license yet, and I am driving much better as I do not want to get caught without my license. Even my health care card and birth cert. I have not replaced those. I just have not panicked as I have done in the past. I know everything will work out, Somehow it always does.

Yesterday... everything did work out... one of my co-workers had lost a set of keys in the company car... she started to tear the vehicle apart looking for the keys. Did I mention I had used the car two weeks earlier... the day I lost my wallet. You know the rest of the storey... she found my wallet crammed way down deep between the seats... fully intact, everything was there. I knew everything would work out. Sometimes you just need to believe and have faith.

Life is Good!!!

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