The Best Defense

Those who know me know I am not a sports fan by any means. I rarely watch sports on TV and have rarely gone to live events. I have seen our own Kelowna Rockets play and have watched some NHL and even a Superbowl game or two on TV in my life, but it not something I do on a regular basis. I played baseball as a kid for a year or two but never really got involved in organized sports.

The other day I was talking with a friend and he mentioned a quote, which I think has to do with sports. Although some of the research I did on it suggest it may have to do with war. Anyway his reference was with sports. It's a rather famous quote and I had heard it before... "The best defense is a good offense". I looked it up and I am not sure if it supposed to be" the best offense is a good defense" or "the best defense is a good offense".

After given it some thought and thinking about why it has stuck in my head for several days I realized that this is likely one of the only things I have learned from sport. And I believe the correct quote would be... "the best defense is a good offense", and here is why. If you are continually focused on defending yourself against the things you don't want to happen in your life you will never have any time or energy to actually go after what your want. If a hockey team only set up players around the net so the other team were sure not score... and never actually go out to get a goal themselves it would be boring to watch and very low scoring. On the other hand if you are constantly going out and and pursuing what you want, you are more likely to accomplish it. As if a hockey team spent the entire game in their opponents end with the puck they would never have to worry about the puck getting in their own net. So the offensive team will have more time to accomplish it's goal of scoring and less time worry about falling into a deficit.

So perhaps the best defense is a good offense in life as well. Go after your goal, spend as much time as you can "attacking" it, Stay in the zone of you goal... give your goal all the attention, energy and focus you can and you find that anything that might work against you will be so busy defending against you it won't have time to attack you or putting you in a position of deficit.

Wow ... I did learn something from sports!

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