The Precursor to Everything

Now this may seem like common sense but as we know common sense is not all that common. The precursor to everything is thought.

There is nothing that you see before you that was not started with a thought. Everything from the color of your vehicle to the screen you are reading this on was at one time just a thought in someone's head. All the good and all the bad in the world is the result of thought. War and truce and peace happen because someone somewhere decided , for whatever reason, that it would be good idea.

Thoughts start everything but it is up to us to act on the thoughts. Hopefully we just act on the thoughts that will do ourselves and others good. As we know if we do good for ourselves that spills over and is good for all and if we do good for others it comes back to us in abundance. A thought without action of some kind will rarely result in the desire outcome. I have mentioned in an earlier blog that you can think about wanting to run a marathon but without some kind of action, without getting out and actually doing it your chances of success are not good.

I heard yesterday that we have something like 60-thousand thoughts everyday. So with that in mind I might suggest that acting on all your thoughts would be a challenge. But you will know when the thought you have is the one you should act on. How will you know...? By how you feel. When thought you have excites and inspires in you in a positive way, when you feel like it is something worthwhile and will be for the greater good.. that is the thought given to you for you to act on.

Just something to think about.....

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