Make Good

As humans we make mistakes, some bigger than others, and all are life changing to some degree.

We may take a job that is not suited for us, or date or marry the wrong person. We make a wrong turn or forget to do something that is important. It's all going to affect your life to some degree, usually just by slowing your progress toward an ideal life or situation.

Now... in radio advertising when we make a mistake and run the wrong commercial, forget to run a commercial or run it at the wrong time we have what's called a "make good". What that means is we make good on what ever we promised the client, usually we go one step better and offer two commercials for one to make sure we are covered and the client is happy.

What I like about the Law of Attraction is that Make Goods are not necessary. You see when you mess up with the Law of Attraction and maybe lose focus or focus on the wrong thing you do not need to double your effort to get the result you want. If you have been focusing on the wrong thing or have been headed in the wrong direction in life for five years, it is not necessary to focus on the right thing for five years to get the result you want. The Law of Attraction is checking in with you right now to see what it is you are focusing and working to bring you closer to it. It is not a score keeper and does not believe in "even steven". The only job it has is to match what you are sending out right now. So don't worry about how long you have had a negative thought or have been diverting your attention away from your real goals. Start now and watch are the energy starts to work with you.

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