Sometimes having two jobs that I love makes me feel pretty lucky. I not only get to help people achieve an ideal life through life coaching and sharing the information I have been lucky enough to receive, I also get to help small, medium and large businesses attract more customers through marketing and advertising.

Now I know what I do is good work, good in the sense that it helps people. I help people by providing information that can help them make an informed decision on the direction they want their life or business to take. However earlier this week I was talking with a potential client about some marketing and advertising ideas that I thought might help help in his business. The whole time we were talking he had a vibe about him that he was not only uninterested but would do or say anything to raise questions or objections about what I was saying and how I was answering his questions. It got to the point where he was just rephrasing the same question I had just answered in what seemed like an effort to stump me. Now by no means do I have all the answers but I was able to answer his questions in a way that has been satisfactory for every other client I have successfully helped. It occurred to me that he simple was not ready to receive the information I have to share. And that's OK.

I notice this a lot with my life coaching as well. I have been able to help many people see that there is a simple easy process to attracting more of what they want and less of what they don't. When you do this kind of thing it makes you want to run out and tell everyone. But there are some people that are simple not ready to receive the information. I think when I first started coaching I Just talked to everyone who would listen about the information I had. I realized very quickly that I was a lot like a know it all and just puking out information that many people either didn't want or were not ready for. I have since changed my approach and now tell people what I do and wait for them to express interest and ask questions.

Some people are simply not ready... and that's OK... I will be here when they are ready.

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