You May Have Heard Of Me

OK OK!!! I almost always introduce myself to people as Hi... I'm Kenn Dixon... you may have hear of me. I also shake my head no when I say it... because I don't believe most of the people I meet (or at least have to introduce myself to) have actually ever heard of me for real.

I do it for two reasons.. First to break the ice... and second in some far off part of a person minds someone might think they should have heard of me, But mostly it's an ice breaker. And every so often someone says they think they have heard of me... which always freaks me out... cause I don't know what they have heard. Some people think it's arrogant to say it... that I assume people should know me... but it's not that way at all.. it really is a good ice breaker.

Anyway so every once in a while I get an idea for a domain name.. you know a name of a website I think might be cool or fun or effective. I have tried many names at Go at most are already taken. I have tried many around Law of Attraction and Universal laws and success, but for the most part others have thought of them first and they are already gone. Sure they might be for sale from the person who registered it first, but when I can register a name that is available for some where around 10 dollars I am not about to buy one already registered for thousands. By the way... I think everyone should check it out and register their own name... just in case you need it one day.

Anyway it hit me the other day that I should look at Just for fun. And guess what... it was available, no one else registered it. So I Now own it. Now I can introduce myself by saying Hi, I'm Kenn Dixon... You may have heard of me DOT COM. All for just 10.17 and It now links directly to this site.

So Go to do a couple of searches for domain name that might one day interest you or come in handy...You never now what you could own.

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