Born Yesterday

So I went for coffee at this nice little coffee shop in Kelowna yesterday and I noticed that the people running the place have a real good understanding of the use of words and how they make us feel.

As with most coffee shops they have a selection of baked goods, banana bread, muffins etc, And many will have baked good left over from the day before... an item or two that didn't sell. When that happens they will put it for sale at a discount and usually call it "day old"... this particular coffee shop had there's labeled "Born yesterday". To me that sounds a lot better and a lot fresher than day old.

Words can inspire us or demotivate us, make us feel good or bad. For example you can be 40 years old or 40 years young. It all depends on the words you use to describe what is going in your world. I mean when you think about it all they are , are words but they hold incredible power. So I encourage you to look around your world and how you have been using words. One of the biggest examples of a positive words change for me (and I have mentioned this in previous blog posts) is changing the words "Have to" to the words "Get to". I get to go see me family is much better than I have to go see my family. I get to go to work today is much better than I have to go to work today.

Just try that one change for a week and then start looking for other words or phrase you have been saying that you now "Get to" change.

Have fun with it, catch your friends saying things that have a bit of a negative vibe and help them change it.

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