Write it Down

So last night I had a flash of inspiration so amazing I could have solved another of the worlds problems in just a couple of paragraphs here on my blog. It happened at exactly 2:12 am, I know that because I woke up and looked at my bedside clock and thought ... Hmmm the temperature water boils at.

I keep a pen and piece of paper on the bedside table just for such moments of brilliance that often seem to come in the middle of my sleep. But I was tired and thought to myself nope, this little gem is so good there is no way I will forget it. I thought to myself, I will remember it and I can blog about it in the morning and maybe even save the world. So I broke one of my own rules, I decided not to turn on the light , grab the pen and paper and write it down. Do you think I can remember what I was to blog about this morning... not even maybe. Now I am sure at some point it will come back to me but I don`t know when.

I encourage you to never do what I did last. Always wake up grab your pen and paper and write down the thoughts you have that important enough to wake you from a deep sleep. I believe that at night when we are asleep is when our minds are most open to receiving the information that can help you to a million dollar idea, solve a problem you have been working on or answer an important question that can help you and possibly the world.

Write it down!

When the flash of inspiration I had last night comes back to me ... you will be the first to know.

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