Did you Make a Friend Today?

I don't now if there is a life lesson in this or not, but it was such an amazing thing I heard I had to share it here. Now many of you, if you are parents, may have heard this before but I don't have any kids so it was different for me.

The other day I was heading into the gym and as I was approaching the door a woman walked out with her very young daughter holding her hand. The little girl must have been in the childminding area that the gym provides. She was very little and cute with two little pony tails. As they were walking the little girl looked up and her Mommy and said... "Mommy did you make a friend a today." To which the mother laughed a little and said no not today. The little girl then said "me neither... there were not many kids in there". The Mother said, well that's okay your may not make a friend everyday, but it's always nice to try. The little girl just said .. Yeah.

And at that point the two had walked out of hearing distance for me so I'm not sure how the rest of their little chat went. I am sure there is a life lesson in there somewhere, but I will not try to tell you what it is... hopefully you can find one of your own.

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