So, What Did You Learn Today?

So I have mentioned in previous blogs about the local radio station here in Kelowna and have blogged about some of the inspiration I have received from some of the music (see jan 27th).

Well here we go again, perhaps another life lesson from the Morning team Casey and Roo. At the end of every morning show they have a quick segment called "What did you learn today?" In the segment they do a kind of review of everything that happened during the morning, all the subjects and news they covered and some insights that each have discovered about each other. It's often quite funny but there is also a life lesson in there.

I wonder how many people actually do this on a daily basis in their own lives. I highly recommend it... just a quick review of any lessons you may learned over the day. At the end of the day just take 60 seconds and think about all the people you have met, all the appointments you had, all the things you witnessed and think about what can be learned from them. Perhaps you met someone that was not in your same vibrational zone and you would like to avoid them in future. Perhaps you were forced to detour on your way to work or an appointment and found a faster route to your destination. Maybe you discovered that you can open a bottle of beer with your feet leaving your hands free do do something else. It could be anything.

We do so much in a day and so often there are lesson in what we do. All we have to do is take 60 seconds at the end of the day and think about what happened in the day that we can use to better our tomorrow. Maybe take a few notes throughout your day about things that you accomplished and then review them at night. You may be surprised at much more effective and efficient you can me tomorrow.

So... what did you learn today?

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