Free Day

So I have started back at the gym, like millions of other people trying to keep on track with 1 of my New Year's resolutions. Yesterday was leg day and when I walked into the gym I was talking with one of the staff, who told me she is now on a strict training program. We talked about the weekend and she told me she went and had her last cheat day.. and had a nice big sloppy burger before getting into the program.

As you know if you have been following my blog for any length of time.. I talk a lot about the words we use and how they make us feel. I know for a long time people have referred to a day where they let all the rules go and just have and do whatever as a cheat day. But for me cheat day just seems a little negative... nobody likes a cheater.

This quick re-frame or adjustment in the way we talk is so easy... it's not mine, I stole it from a guy name Bill Phillips of "Body for Life" fame. His suggestion is to change your cheat day to a FREE DAY. A day when you can relax, not worry about what you eat and nor even worry about your fitness routine. Take some time to let your body and brain recover from the routine you are one. Bill's theory is (as I understand it) that, with your diet, if you are restricting the amount of food and or fat you are eating for too long a stretch your body will go into a kind of starvation mode and as a way of fighting the lack of food it will actually start to store it and slow your metabolism and you could actually gain weight. So by giving your body a break from all that restriction... feed it and it will stay on track working with your goals rather than against them. Don't cheat... just have a free day... a simple change of the words we use can make a big difference on the way we feel.

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