Get Off Auto Pilot

I am sure we have all done this...we are driving along going from point A to point B and all of a sudden we notice that we are there or worse yet that we have passed where we were wanting to go entirely. I refer to this as auto pilot, or cruise control.Now sometimes this is actually okay because getting there is not why you got up in the morning, being there is. But for the most part we should be enjoying the trip too. I did this yesterday on my drive down to Penticton, I was just driving along the regular route and all of a sudden found myself pulling into the town. I have to say the drive between Kelowna and Penticton is amazing... the highway runs alongside the lake and provides spectacular vistas.

Normally I enjoy it all the way down, but yesterday I just zoned out.I like to be in the zone rather than zoning out, but yesterday I did. I missed the views of the lake and mountains. I was just moving forward without much thought about what was going on around me. Now I did get where I was going but the trip could have been much more enjoyable if I had been paying attention.

Sometime we are so caught up in where we have to be we forget to enjoy the ride. I think on my next drive down there I will leave a little earlier and actually stop at some point, just for a few minutes, and look at what is going on around me. After all Point A is a great place for me... it's home and comfortable and feels great.... Point B is good too, I get to work with great people and help lots of people achieve their goals. Life is good... but the trip is spectacular and I encourage you to take a couple of minutes and look around and all the things you have passed while on auto pilot.Please share this with your entire social network

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