Just 1 Thing Different

So there is a commercial running on local radio here in Kelowna that has woman describing her typical day. It sounds something like... " Get up... go to work... come home... eat dinner... go to bed.... get up... go to work... come home ... ETC.

I think that there are people who actually do this day in and day out... just waiting for a long weekend or their vacations days so they can break the cycle.

Well, I am here to tell you that you can break the cycle right now and very easily. Just do 1 thing differently today than you would normally. Pick one thing that you do on a consistent basis for your work, for your family life, in your workout and change it. Change a little or change it a lot. Take a different route to work, I bet you discover a little something about your city you never knew before. Perhaps a faster route, perhaps a new bistro that opened up two block over from your regular route, that you would like to try. Try a new little bistro for lunch instead of the usual lunch. Re- arrange your office space, put up or move some of the picture in your office. Change your ring tone or outgoing voicemail message. Make one thing about your routine different today and tomorrow do it again, and the next change something else. If you do this on a regular basis you find in a very short time that your whole world has changed and likely for the better. If hasn't changed for the better change something else.

We all can get caught in doing the same thing over and over, it's called our comfort zone. But if we want to make a difference we have to do something different. Try a new recipe, or some kind of food you have never tried before, like starfruit. There are so many little changes that you can make today that will affect your tomorrow. I know for myself, as silly as it may seem, when I get a new pair or runners for the gym or new workout gloves, I look forward to trying them out that gets me to the gym on a day that I may not want to go.

I don't know what you can change but if it freaks you out and you are one of those people afraid of change start small. Change the type of muffin you buy in the morning or the place where you buy your muffin. I promise once you start and see how much of a difference making 1 thing different you will likely not stop. And your world will change. Please when you make a change leave a comment about what you have changed.

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