Everyone You Meet

I was taught a long time ago to treat everyone I meet with a great deal of respect. Respect for their time, for their place in life and for what they have accomplished up to now.

There is a very good reason I do this and thought I would share it.

I have a signature at the bottom of every email I send out. You know that thing at the bottom of an email that has your name and contact information, usually a phone number, cell number and fax number. Maybe even a website. My Signature has a little bit more. You see from time to time people I communicate with are slow to respond or are completely non-responsive to my emails. It does get frustrating from time to time and so I decided to put a little life lesson at the end of my emails. Now to be fair I have been accused of being a slow responder myself. I believe I have gotten a lot better recently. I figure, as I guess the recipients of my emails does, That if it were truly important, the email would be followed up with an phone call. After all email is not 100% reliable. But when a phone doesn't work and a second email gets ignored I get frustrated. I fell a little disrespected.

Well today we got some information that could change the we do our work at the local radio station. After which one of my colleagues mentioned my signature on my emails. He said it was an important thing to remember at a time like this. I hadn't given it much thought because it was set up a while ago and just automatically goes out with every email. I hoped that it would help me get a quicker response from the recipient and I believe it has from those who read far enough. Any way for me it's a life lesson and I believe it to be true. I hope when you read it you know that it is true.

So here it is...

Everyone you meet has the potential to change your life... they could eventually be a customer, co-worker, boss or friend... treat them well, you never know.

Life is Good!!

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