Money vs Will

It is always a surprise to me when people I know say they cannot afford to do something or have something. At the end of the day I don't know if they mean they cannot afford it morally, financially, spiritually, energy wise or time wise.

I have come to realize that money is rarely, if ever, the true thing that holds people back from their desires. I have had people tell me that they cannot afford a vacation and then trade in their perfectly good vehicle for a new, latest and greatest vehicle. Or tell me they could not afford to go for dinner and then the next day show off their new I-pad, I-phone and several other toys that they got a great deal on. In fact telling me they could not afford to pass up such a great deal. People often complain they simply don't have enough money, but are always spending the money have.

Truth is, as I see it, Money is not the issue, you will is. It's not a matter of not having the money, it's just that you would rather have something other than a vacation or a dinner out or whatever. That is your will. I think that is awesome... use your money to achieve your desire, material or otherwise. But I also think telling people and especially yourself that your don't have the money or you cannot afford it, sends the vibration out that you have no money and cannot afford it. What if you could send out the vibration that you can afford it... and your can afford that, and you can afford this,,, that you can afford everything. If the Universe has one job and the is to match your vibration and if you constantly send out the vibe of not being able affording things... eventually the Universe will make sure that happens. But if you send out the vibe of being able to have it all, the Universe will match that vibe too.

I have acquired things in my life that I have no idea where the money or time or energy came fromto accomplish them, but putting the right vibe out there, somehow, someway they manifested. Remember you do not need to know how things are going to happen you just have to have unwavering faith that they can and will.

If you have the will you don't need to know the way, you just need to believe. and stop using excuses like you cannot afford it.

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