Life is a Highway

Alright so for the last two weeks I have been travelling a small highway between the city I live in (Kelowna) and a smaller city to the South (Penticton). I am doing this as part of my other job as an advertising genius (LOL). If you have never been to this part of the world I highly recommend it, it is spectacular. Well, as I drive along the highway, about 45 minutes or so, I do two things. First I do some ab exercises by contracting and releasing by abdominal muscles. I figure I have 45 minutes I might as well try to get some good out of it. Second I notice the highway signs. I notice the signs that tell drivers where to turn to get to a particular destination, I notice the signs that tell of interesting tourist stops along the route and I notice speed limit signs.

I am writing about this because there really are a lot of signs along the highway, but the one has stood out for me is the speed limit sign. I start to wonder what makes the highways crews put up the highway signs in the locations they do. Then I notice that there is a speed limit sign after every intersection. Every Time I go by a road that leads on or off the highway there is a sign to tell the people that have just merged onto the highway how fast they should go. That is followed by a sign showing which route (or highway #) they are on.

As you know I am always looking for the lesson in everything that happens to me so, what is the lesson in this for me, why am I noticing these signs? Well I have come to the conclusion that the highway is a lot like our everyday lives. If we are aware and looking for them we will notice the signs that are out there to guide us. The signs that tells us we are going in the right direction and if we are not, we are made aware of it within minutes of head down the road.

If we are aware and looking for the signs it allows us to make a U-Turn and get on the right path. Have you ever made a left hand turn when it should have been a right and missed the sign telling you you were headed north instead of south. Then a little while later you see pass another intersection and see the sign that tells you were you are headed. You feel like you just wasted 20 minutes driving out of your way. It's important to be aware of the signs that posted to help you.

The other signs , as mentioned, is the speed limit sign after every intersection. It tells drivers when to slow down and when to speed up. Observing this sign can save you time and money. Eventually if you do not obey the sign you will wind up being stopped, delayed and it will probably cost you financially. This is the same in everyday day.

I suggest that you start to look for and familiarize yourself with the signs that are appearing in your life, the ones that are trying to guide you in the right direction and the ones that are trying to get you to slow down or speed up. They are different for everyone and you will know when they are being posted by how you feel. If you feel you headed in the wrong direction... that's a sign. If you feel you are going too fast... that's a sign. Watch for them, recognize them and obey them and you will rarely if every be lost.

Oh yeah and suck in your stomache!

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