Out Of The Frypan

I have talked a lot about making room in your life for the things you really want. I mentioned last week that many people I have spoken to have not made New Year's resolution as much as made a commitment to declutter their lives. This simple step of making room can apply to all areas of your life and sometimes by making room you kind of force your hand and have to then find what you really want faster.

This may seem like a silly example but I got to thinking about this over the weekend as my wife and I are planing to purchase a new set of pots and pans. We have had our current set for many years and although they have served us well and continue to do so, my wife would like a new set of stainless steel ones. We have been looking for about 4 to 6 weeks but have not made the purchase. We have seen some amazing deals on some (up to 70% off) but have still not made the commitment to purchase. We just keep looking. It is in fact getting closer and closer to the top of our priority list because she is concerned about the non stick coating on our current set.

Anyway... our pots hang on a pot rack above the island in our kitchen and when I look at the pot rack it's full. We have no room for anymore pots. We actually had to put the largest of the pans in a cupboard. So why haven't we purchased the new pots... perhaps because we have no room or perhaps it's because the ones we have continue to do the job they were meant to do (although not completely to our satisfaction). This is where forcing the issue comes in... I believe the best why to move forward with this particular goal is to leave the past behind and just simply get rid of all the pots and pans we want to replace. Once they are gone we will have no other choice but to go find the ones we want.

Funny thing.... my wife just looked over my shoulder as I am writing this and said "sometimes you don't get rid of the old ones until you get new ones" I said "sometimes you don't get new ones until you get rid of the old ones".

And that is the point... this really applies to all areas of life, whether it's relationships, jobs, beliefs or pots and pans, once your rid yourself of the ones you have that are not serving you the way you want to be served, you will have no choice but to move on and find what it is that you really want, what it is that serves you, what it is that ideal for you. So go make room for the new but removing the old first.

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