I have been asking around for the past 10 days about New Resolutions. I am curious whether people have made them or not and what, if anything, people are resolving to do to better themselves and their lives their world

I can report that in my informal 10 day survey most people have not made a New Year's Resolution. Now, whether that is because they are happy with everything in their lives or they have come to the conclusion that New Year's resolutions are a recipe for failure, I don't know. But what I can tell you is that when I asked... the most popular answer of those that did resolve to change was they would de-clutter in 2013. And surprisingly many people said they were de-cluttering their lives of people.

This for me is very interesting because it suggests that more and more people are become aware of their own vibrational frequency and realizing that some people in their lives are not on the same vibrational frequency as they are. Often we call these people " Negative Neil" Or "Downer Debbie". This I believe is great news, the more in tune we are with our own vibration frequency the more control we have in our lives.

We have all had people in our lives that have dissipated, we have not necessary done anything, they have not necessarily done anything, they just sort of faded away from our lives, and that is OK because we were likely not in the same place in our lives, on a different frequency. This happens all the time we may not even notice until 6 months or a year later. Then we think "Hey I haven't seen ______________ For a long time I wonder how (he or she) is doing?"

I think it's great that people are starting to realize that they don't have to "Buy in" to all the negative conversation and negative emotions or vibrations of those around them. You can declutter your world of negative people. It's also great if you want try to help them out of their negative world, but some people like to be in that or need to be that place. As strange as it sounds some people are happy being miserable and bringing as many with them as they can.

It's a good thing that the people I have spoken are standing up for themselves recognizing that they can maintain their high positive vibration and perhaps live a happier life by decluttering the negative people from their lives. So Look around you, do you have a "Downer Debbie" that likes where they are in Negativeville, if so... let them just fade away and maintain your own vibe.

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