Walk This Way

It still amazes me how quickly people give up on their goals and dreams. I talk with people in my day to day life and I coach people who are ready to give it all up or settle for less because they feel they have fought the good fight and not succeeded. They feel their dreams are out of reach. As I said in yesterdays blog Always, Always, Always try again.

Now I will admit that somethings are impossible, like listening and talking at the same time, but what we can accomplish, what we can achieve with a little extra effort is unbelievable. Someone once said, it's not how many times you get knocked down it's how many times you get back up ( OK I googled it, it was Custer). This is so true. You simply must rise to fight a little more. Victory is inevitable with a little more effort.

I have heard it said that everything that has happened to us since our moment of birth is in our memory somewhere. I have tried but there are somethings that, for now at least, are in my memory but beyond my reach. I bring this up because I wish I could remember how many times I fell on my way to learning how to walk. I bet it was hundreds of times if not thousands. The truth is I was certainly not satisfied with crawling along on all fours for the rest the of my life, and I probably would not get much respect from peers today if I hadn't put in that extra effort.

I don't know what made want to walk, I don't know what made me think I could walk. Perhaps I just kept looking at the other grown up people in my world and saying to my little baby brain... "HMMM just using my legs might get me to the cookie jar faster, I should try that." Perhaps it was just meant to be.

I am guessing I would try to stand and fall, try to stand and fall, then I found some support in the form of a coffee table. Great now I can stand, I was well on my way... now move this leg here, rats... fell again. I'm sure this process went on for some time before I could finally walk. I am sure most of had a similar experience and that is why most of the world walks today. We don't necessarily know what drove us to that goal (maybe the cookie jar) but we were driven and we were determined not to fail.

Ahh... the wisdom and determination of youth!!!!

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