Get To Chose

I was watching a TV program the other day, the subject matter was the brain or what the host referred to as the Super Brain. One of the things he mentioned on the show was that we not only have the ability to make choices but we must choose.

This is something I have been trying to share with people for a long time. If you have ever wondered why the things you want have not manifested in your life perhaps it is because you have not actually made a clear choice about what it is you really want. I can give an example from my own vision box. I have a picture of a home in Mexico that I think it would be nice to own. I have since seen many other homes in Mexico and in different parts of Mexico that I think would be nice to own. The truth is until I zero in on one hone in one place, actually make the choice, on which I want I will not be able to give it the attention, energy and focus it needs and deserves to manifest. It great for me to have some sort symbol of what I want in my vision box, but the closer I get to choosing the exact one I want the closer I will be to manifesting it.

If you have something in your life that you are still making decisions on, that you still have not made a choice on 1 over the other, understand that not only can you make that choice but you must make a choice. You will be surprised how quickly things start to manifest when you do. If you make the choice but still keep an option open in case something better comes along you have not really made a choice. And it would appear obvious that the choice you made was not ideal or you would know there is not going to be anything better out there.

For those who wonder if that means you can`t have it all, rest assured you can have it, but you have to choose. As I have mentioned in previous blogs, ``priority`` is singular, you can only have one at any given time. So choose which is your priority and the focus on that. Then once that manifests focus on the next and the next. You get to choose...

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