It All Fits

So, I touch briefly on this yesterday but it really feel it needs to be expanded upon. The fact that many people over the Holiday acquired a bunch of new stuff. Many had a big list of things that if they received would check off a number of items from their vision box or board. And within 24 to 48 hours it had all found it's way into the walls of their homes. Some, out of sight and out of mind and some more front and center, handy at a moments notice but not taking up any more room or taking away from all the things already in their lives.

Here's the thing, what else could we acquire, each and everyday, if we were to just ask. What else could we have in our lives that would not take up any extra space, that could be tucked away for when it's need arises, or be front and center to use and enjoy everyday. The answer is obvious... EVERYTHING!

We could have everything we wanted and we could have it whenever we wanted. Again I am not just talking about material goods. I am referring to adventures, jobs, experiences, friends, family and of course homes, clothes, cars and anything else that is on your vision board or in your vision box. IT ALL FITS. The evidence of this is right in front of you. Look around at all that you have now, at some point in your life you wanted it, or at least sent out a vibration and gave it enough attention, energy and focus that it manifested. And so there IT is, it's in your life and it fits. You likely did not have to get rid of anything to make this thing part of your life. There was always a place for it you just never let it in before. This is especially true true when it come to non-material items like friends and family. Try as you might buy you will never run of room for those things.

So I encourage you to keep thinking big, attract whatever you want, no matter the size, shape or even usefulness of it. Think big because it all fits.

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