The Real Gift

Wow! What a season... the holiday season. People spend all sorts of time racing around trying to find the perfect gift for the ones they love, and for others. Spending a lot of hard earned money to show how much they love and care for those that are in their lives. People spend huge sums of money on food and beverage and travel. I think this is awesome for those who want to do this.

My wife and I have set a limit, a very modest limit, on spending over the holidays. We used to "Go Crazy" and buy everything, spending hundred of dollars each year on things the other had on their list and we would always feel it the next month when the bills came in. We limit ourselves now because there is something we want more than all the stuff available from the local retailers. We would rather use the money to spend time together on a tropical island or a beach somewhere. Time togethe...r that no new leather jacket or small kitchen appliance could give us. It's the way we do things and it works for us. We have some small items to celebrate the season and then focus on the "big gift" of time together.

I think we started doing this after we realized that no matter how much STUFF we bought for each other it always disappeared into the walls of our home with 48 hours. Have you ever noticed that no matter how many gifts you get... it all fits it your home somewhere. The new cordless drill goes onto the workbench until needed, the new coat goes into the closet, the chocolates just seem to disappear entirely. All the items are out of sight and out of mind.

It's important to keep focused on the real things you want... the things that are more than just stuff. The things that can't be bought and put away, the things that create memories rather than take up space. After all 5, 10, 15 years from now it will be the funny thing Uncle Bob said at the dinner table, seeing Aunt Pat after so many year, or the look on your child's face when they opened whatever it was they got. That you will remember, it will not be the thing itself but it will be that laugh, that catching up, that look. That's the real gift.

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