The Mind Feild

So the other day I heard or read a quote that got me thinking. I can't remember where I heard or read it or who said it first. In fact I can't even remember it word for word, but it went something like this.

Every ploughed field grows something... it will grow what you plant or just simply weeds.

So what did I think after seeing this quote... well thought it's kinda like your mind. Once you clear your mind it's like a ploughed field.. something has to grow there... so I suggesting seeding it with the things you want to grow. You can refer to it as your mind field. A nutrient rich, perfectly placed, piece of real estate that is waiting to grow whatever you want. You can plant the seeds of success or failure, happiness or sadness, love or hate, faith or fear. Planting the seeds of positive change will grow positive results.

Once you have planted what you want to grow all you have to do it tend to it... throw on some fertilizer in the form of attention. Make sure it gets the right amount of nutrients in the form of belief that it can grow. Give anything you want to grow the right amount of attention and you are likely to see success every time. Ignore it and you will see the weeds take over and choke out what it is you want. You will see the weeds still the nutrients that your seeds need to flourish.

So with a new year upon us, plough your field, plants your seeds and pay attention to them. Believe they will grow and if a weed sneaks in, pull it out by the roots and toss it away, then give more attention to your seeds.


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