Too Positive

Someone told me today that maybe I am too positive, that maybe life isn't all cheese and rainbows, maybe bad things happen to good people, that there has to be a balance in the world. That, like the scales of justice both sides have to level. I think they may be right.

Today I did not have a good day... today everything was not cheese and rainbows. I could say it was just one of those days but I do not want to just brush it off like that. I think to myself... it's impossible... I am a very positive person how can negative things happen to me. I surround myself with positive... positive people, positive objects... I pre-seed my day with positive thoughts. It's me after all... I live to be positive. I live the Law of Attraction so how can I attract negative things.

Well my friends.. it is true that the Law of attraction is not the only Universal Law. I have written about it before... the Universal Law of Polarity. You cannot have a good without a bad. a top without a bottom, a low tide without a high tide nor a north pole without a south pole.

So I must confess that I had a bad day. Ran into some negative influences. Was not motivated or inspired. If someone were to ask me how I was today I could not truthfully say "Never Better" (which is my standard response everyday).

So I reflect ...Did I attract this bad day... well yes ... I attract everything in my life. If I am not responsible for it I cannot change it and I will not allow anyone else to have that much control over me, my life or my happiness. So I am responsible.

So I reflect... Did I learn anything ... did I grow at all...can anything good come from a bad day.... HELL YES!. I learned how important it is to recognized my role in the events of the day. I was reminded you can't have good without bad (they define each other) And I was reminded that it only matters what I vibrate NOW ... because that's all the Universal Law can or will match. So be done with the negative... Take the positive and attract more of that. I am a better person for having a lousy day. Life is Good!

Oh yeah and I learned that a bass guitar only has four strings... I did not know that.

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