54 Years

There are few things in life that can last 54 years. That is especially true in today's world of cheap and disposable electronics, appliances and it would appear spouses.

I can certainly understand that if something goes wrong with a 10 dollar toaster it is easier to get a new one than to fix the old one. But what I don't understand is, what goes on in someones mind when they say "for better or worse" and then within five years, when things get worse, they walk away from a commitment they made to themselves, to the one they loved and in front of their friends and family.

In any relationship there is going to some tougher times, some challenges and perhaps even thoughts of getting a new one rather then fixing the old one. Whether it's at work, at church or at home those times can happen. But that is the real test of your commitment. I should also say that there will be amazing times, times of unthinkable joy, gratitude and unimaginable happiness. Times that make any negative, no matter how big... seem so trivial.

I bring this up because today is my parents 54th Wedding Anniversary. It's amazing to me, because I have seen some of the challenges they have had and I have seen the joy. The commitment I am sure has not been easy... I know they have considered walking away from it all but something has kept them together for 54 years. Maybe 54 years ago it was a time when what you said is what you meant. You didn't enter into a relationship for life without full consideration of what that meant. Maybe 54 years ago the idea of marriage was to make each other the best you could be, to team up and see what you could conquer together. To make each others lives better just by being together. Maybe it was as much a business partnership as a loving relationship.

I really don't know... but I am proud of them for working through everything, all the ups and downs and staying true to their commitment to each other. I hope everyone finds that kind of relationship that kind of commitment in every aspect of their lives.

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