Tis The Season All Year?

I was at the local shopping mall the other and it seems like such a great time of year for the mall. There was a whole lotta shoppers with a whole lotta bags. They are of course buying gifts for their loved ones for Christmas. But there were other things for sale that seemed to flying off the shelves as well.

A couple of weeks ago I posted a vlog of this I have around my home to keep me inspired and motivated, such as those wooden words, " Live laugh love" etc. Well at the this time of year there are even more of those available with a similar message. The ones that jumped out for me are "Joy and Peace" they seem to be everywhere and are surely associated with Christmas. But I got to thinking, Why just Christmas?

Now I know quiet a few people who keep there Christmas lights up all year long, but take down the rest of the Christmas stuff they have around their homes. I know they may think people will judge them if they keep a plastic Frosty and Rudolph, or a big inflatable Santa Claus on the front lawn. But the other stuff, the stuff that is inside your home you should be able to keep some out on display, especially if it makes you feel good or gives you a positive vibe.

In my home we have candle holders and extra large Christmas tree ornaments that say peace and love and joy. And we, like everyone put them away each year after the season is over. I guess it's because it might seem odd to other people to have a large Christmas tree ornament sitting out in July, but who would judge us that we would allow in our home, friends and family not likely. This year I encourage you to leave 1 thing out all year, just one thing... maybe it has a great word or message that makes you feel better. Maybe it's the least "Christmassy" of all you holiday decor and simply says PEACE... leave it out all year. After all I know it "Tis the Season" but shouldn't try to make the feelings of peace and joy and love last all year long.

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