Success Little By Little

So yesterday my wife and I were doing a little cleaning up and decorating for the holidays. Every once in while I have to run down stairs and grab a tool, like a screwdriver or a hammer so we can put something up on the wall or fix something. It`s all good, but then I have to also put that tool back.

Now this may sound silly but I`m sure we all do this... if I don`t have to go downstairs for anything I will just put the hammer or screwdriver near the stairs so next time I head down I can grab it and put it in it`s proper place. It saves me a trip downstairs, lazy I know but effective. Now sometimes I will grab it on my next trip downstairs but I don`t necessarily have to go into that particular room down stairs so I take it as far as I am going and then next time I am downstairs and going into that room I will take it. It eventually makes it to it`s destination. I kind of inch it there little by little.

So when this happened yesterday it got me thinking, perhaps there are some people that know where they belong but are necessarily headed in that direction right now. And that has to be okay because at the end all that matters is that they eventually make it. You might be one of those people. So here the thing... it`s all good, you just have to inch your way there. Do something little everyday that gets you closer to your destination. It does not have to be big.

Sometimes when we look at the big picture it can seem overwhelming and so we never really start. Maybe you`re just lazy like me and need to find a slower, more effective way of getting where you want to be. If you do something little everyday that moves you in that direction eventually you will wind up in the right place.

So I hope that you will read through a few of my previous blogs for things you can do today to get you headed in the right direction, little by little.

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